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Triad Municipal ABC Board

3127 Starlight Drive

 Winston-Salem, NC  27107




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Q:    Where do I apply for a job with the ABC store, administration or law enforcement departments?

A:    You may obtain a job application at the administrative office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Please be prepared to fill the application out at the administrative office.  Applications will not be allowed to leave the building.

Q:    May I return or exchange a product?

A:    No, the Triad Municipal ABC Board policy is no returns, exchanges or refunds once the product has left the store.

Q:    Why aren't the local ABC store telephone numbers publicized?

A:    The store telephone numbers are not published to the public so that the customer sales representatives can better serve the shopping customers without interruptions.  Calls are routed to the administrative office.

Q:    How can I find the listing for ABC store locations?

A:    Local ABC store address are listed in the yellow pages of the BellSouth and The Talking Phone telephone books or at the location section of this web site.  Triad ABC Store Location

Q:    How can I special order a product not carried in the ABC store?

A:    Items that are not listed in the state price book catalog may be "Special Ordered" through the local ABC store.  Cases must be purchased by the case quantities and prepaid.  It takes approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery depending on its availability.

Special Order Price List

Q:  What is a limited special occasion permit (one-day permit)?

A:    A limited special occasion permit authorizes the permittee to bring fortified wine and spirituous liquor onto the premises of a business, with the permission of the owner of that property, and to serve those alcoholic beverages to the permittee's guests at a reception, party or other special occasion being held there.  The permit may be issued to any individual other than the owner or possessor of the premises.  An applicant for a limited special occasion permit shall have the written permission of the owner or possessor of the property on which the special occasion is to be held.

Special Occasion Permit Application

Q:    How much can I purchased?

A:    Without a permit, a person may purchase at one time not more than 80 liters of malt beverages, other than draft malt beverages in kegs; any amount of draft malt beverages in kegs; not more than 20 liters of unfortified wine; and not more than eight liters of either fortified wine or spirituous liquor, or eight liters of the two combined.

        With a permit, a person may purchase more then 20 liters of unfortified wine; and more than eight liters of either fortified wine or spirituous liquor, or eight liters of the two combined may be purchased with a purchase-transportation permit.  (No fee for the permit)

Q:    Who issues the purchase-transportation and special occasion transportation permits?

A:    Your local ABC store can issue purchase-transportation and special occasion transportation permits at no cost to the customer.  See purchase-transportation permit for more information.

Q:    How can I get a permit/license to sell beer and/or wine?

A:    The North Carolina ABC Commission issues permits for all alcoholic beverages in North Carolina.  A license is issued by the county/city/town in which a business is located, after you receive the ABC permit.  Contact the NC ABC Commission at (919) 779-0700.

Q:    Why aren't there any taxes on alcohol?

A:    On every delivered case of spirituous liquor approved for sale, there is an 80.8 % markup.  Therefore, the selling price at retail, in addition to cost of goods, includes:  freight, bailment fee, surcharge fee, federal tax, state tax, local ABC Board markup, rehabilitation tax and other miscellaneous tax.  See Spirituous Liquor Pricing Breakdown for an example.

Q:    Are the prices on alcoholic beverages the same throughout the state?

A:    Yes, in North Carolina, the retail price of spirituous liquor sold in ABC stores is uniform throughout the state, unless otherwise provided by law.

Price Book List

Q:    How may ABC stores are there in North Carolina?

A:    There are 163 local ABC Boards in the State of North Carolina that operate 400 retail stores.

Q:    Can liquor be sold in grocery stores and other food marts?

A:    No, in North Carolina, spirituous liquor may be sold only in local ABC stores.

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